Home Bound

Photograph by The two oh three

Two years ago, siblings Tory and Roscoe Brown founded The Two Oh Three. Tapping into regional pride, they create T-shirts, hats, cups and more. “It’s a cool, hip brand,” says Tory. “People want to wear it.”

They strengthen their brand through social media, which has reinforced sales and retail possibilities. Fans snap up favorites via online sales (shopthe203.com), mall kiosks, lots of events (around three each week) and local retail stores, such as No. 299, The Beehive and Downunder.

The duo has big plans. Luckily, Roscoe is ideally situated in the entrepreneurship program at Syracuse. “Trademark, finance, SEO, marketing—anytime we have a question, he can find the answer,” says Tory. “So much of what he’s learning can be applied to our actual business.”

Starting now, look for their “Home for the Holidays” campaign. They worked with local artists to emblazon ornaments, pillows, doormats, wine glasses and more with their favorite number: 203.

“Our campaign will come alive through our social media platforms, where we will share images that portray the magical holiday season in Connecticut,” says Tory. Interaction with their fans is an important part of the strategy—love us, love our state.