Editor’s Letter – Good News

As far as I’m concerned, spring hasn’t come a minute too soon. I celebrate every green shoot and sunny yellow bloom that bursts from the ground. I appreciate the seasons of New England as much as anyone — and “there’s a season for everything,” yes, yes — but I am euphoric that the wind has shifted.

Spring is like finishing a marathon. You start off the cold season (your endurance race) with gusto and hearty determination to plow through with attention to the good things along the way. By the end of it all, though, you’re ready to weep for some cushy comfort.

The whole spring renewal phenomenon affects us all. Every year I see people here shaking off winter and looking a little livelier than they did the month before. Spring is more than renewal and reinvigoration — it’s hope. The promise of continuation … the start of a new cycle. And, frankly, with everything this country is facing — the war in Iraq, health-care and energy costs rising, the mortgage crisis (and all that goes with it) — we could use a little good news.

When Managing Editor Jim Mauro started out the assignment on the State of Real Estate, we were all a bit nervous about what he and writer Sherri Daley might uncover. But what they found is hopeful: this residential market, our slice of Fairfield County, is doing better than some might have us think. Given the headlines recently, it would be unwise not to be concerned. Why wouldn’t we look over our shoulder and wonder, “Will the crisis hit here?” So we gathered all the facts and figures on our market and laid them out as clearly as we could. This isn’t reading tea leaves: our market really is doing well. (Well, better than most, anyway.)

Let’s all take a big, deep breath. We’re fine.

And since it’s spring, we decided it was time for a little sprucing up of the magazine, too. Starting with this issue, you’ll see a new section called “Town Talk.” It’s filled with fun, buzz-worthy news items about our community, and we certainly want you to send us your comments (see below). Other features of the publication have also been freshened up — our style pages, our dining guide, the departments — even a new last page. So, it’s everything that you love about your town magazine, but with a new swagger.

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