31 Tips with Big Impact

When it comes to personal style, change is good. Here, a month’s worth of ideas designed to get you thinking about new ways to transform your appearance and feel great in the process

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Hair & Makeup

1  Season of Change
There’s no such thing as seasonless when it comes to hair and makeup. Your skin and hair are constantly evolving, so as the weather changes so should the products you use. You really have to stay on top of this to look and feel your best. Consider meeting with an image artist, a reputable professional who can tell you which colors work best for you. —PS

2  Make the Cut
A new hairstyle is a fast way to alter your appearance, but too often people don’t know what to do with that great new cut when they get home. Don’t hesitate to go back to your stylist for tips on the proper techniques and products. Get the education. It’s worth it. —CK

3  Feel the Burn?
Does brittle hair have you feeling less than your best? If you use heat-styling tools, you need protection. Going without it is like pressing a silk blouse with the iron on full blast. I like Nectar Thermique by Kerastase. If you get regular trims and use this type of product, you’ll see a change very quickly. —CK

4  Shine On
Why use heavy foundation and powder on your face? Many of us don’t need all that. Makeup starts with good skin, which you get by drinking lots of water and taking care of it. Instead of using foundation to cover sun spots, get the spots treated. If you simply can’t give up the makeup, watch the color. Many women go too dark. It’s better to add color with a bronzer and blush. —CK

5  Big Eyes
Eyelash extensions are hot. They’re expensive, but they can make a huge difference in your looks. If that’s not quite right for you, build up your own lashes with waterproof mascara. For a clump-free application on tiny lower lashes, I use disposable Proxabrush cleaners. —CK

6  Night Moves
If you want prettier skin every morning, then prep it right at night. Remove makeup with Neutrogena wipes, then use a gentle cleanser, moisturizer and a good eye cream. In the morning, splash your face with water first and then apply moisturizer while the face is still damp to lock that moisture in. Do that, get eight hours of sleep and you’ll look good! —CK

7  Thick of Things
Hair extensions can be dramatic, as they add thickness, particularly around the sides of the head where many of us tend to start thinning out. It’s a high-ticket item, but worth it as women say the added fullness allows them to do more with their hair and create different styles. Plus, thicker hair looks healthier and has a tendency to make color pop. —JM

8  Color Story
Standard highlights are conventional. If you want to take a risk, do something edgy and try a color. Pastels are popular now, for women of all ages. For very dark hair, I like a silver highlight. For blondes, a rose-gold can be very pretty, even if it’s used sparingly—on the strands that get tucked behind your ear, for instance. —JM

9  New Wave
Crimped locks are hot. All texture and wave, this style looks great with short or long hair, and it represents a head-turning change for the person who has been straightening her mane with a flat iron for years.To get the look, try a three-barrel curling iron. —JM

10  Low Rider
If you want to look polished yet not be a slave to your hair, pull it back into a chic and sleek low ponytail. That’s a really fresh look that’s coming right off the runway. But don’t use elastics, which can damage hair, to hold it in place. Try spiral pins, or strands of hair wrapped around the ponytail and secured with bobby pins. —MF & JF

11  On the Fringe
Consider bangs, or fringe, as it’s called in the UK. When done softly and tastefully, this face-framing feature can impart a more youthful look. And it’s a great alternative to Botox. To keep the new hairstyle looking healthy, swap out your cotton pillowcase for satin, which doesn’t rob hair—or skin—of moisture. —MF & JF

12  A Second Look
To take your hairstyle to a higher level, give it one more look after you’re finished styling in the morning. Many women make the mistake of blow-drying and then rushing out the door. When you think you’re done, go back in for one final touch-up. It’s the last few strokes of the brush or curling iron that can really make a difference. —CK

13  Nailed It
Something as simple as a change in nail polish color can really enhance the way you look and feel. A good manicure is a smart and inexpensive investment as it’s always a great accessory and adds a pop of color to any outfit. On your next salon visit, try red, since most people wear the color very well. —PS

14  Crank Up the Volume
Most women look and feel great when their hair is full. A fast and effective way to get more volume is with a product like Doo Over from Kevin Murphy. It’s a dry-powder finishing hair spray that creates volume, texture and hold, but it doesn’t leave hair stiff. —MF & JF

15  Cheap Thrills
What’s a simple and cost-efficient way to change up your style? Try a new lipstick. Bold, dark lips are very 2017. —MF & JF


16  Fully Vested
One piece to add to your wardrobe this season is a vest. It can go over almost anything and really transform a look. They’re available in multiple styles and fabrics, from knits and cashmeres to fur and shearling. I like the new design by Viktoria Stass, which is mink with zip-off down sleeves. —DS

17  Inside Out
Don’t cheap out on a bra. Yes, a good one can be pricey, but keep in mind that this piece holds your body together. And there is nothing sexy about unflattering undergarments. The right bra offers great support and can really change your look. I like the Spanx Pillow Cup bra, which retails near $70. —PS

18  A Step Forward
If you’re ready to invest in your wardrobe, shoes are a good bet as they can change your posture and how you project yourself. If you’re comfortable on your feet, you’ll look and feel more confident. Shop for comfort first, then style, but don’t force it. — PS

19  Trend Alert
One common mistake women make when adding to their wardrobe is to chase trends. Your favorite designer might be making an embroidered skirt for the season, but don’t wear it if it makes your bum look like an ottoman. However, there is one color trend that works for everyone: teal. The color looks great with all hair and skin tones. —PS

20  Sweat the Small Stuff
Get out of the exercise clothes.
If you make the time to put on true daywear, you’ll look and feel more polished. And you don’t have to toil over what to wear. Pair suede jeans or skinny jeans with a white blouse and statement necklace. But if you really don’t want to leave the workout clothes at the gym, then just ditch the sneakers and do booties with the exercise leggings.—DS

21  Street Style
One piece that can transform almost any outfit is a great leather jacket. Wear it over that sheath dress you’ve had for years, and you have something that looks new and modern. Vince has a number of great jackets with mixed media—suede swatches and knit sleeves—that never look too basic. —DS

22  Cross the Line
Don’t categorize your clothing as work or play. Look at pieces in multiple ways. A good blazer is a great example. It’s not just for a suit anymore. You can wear it with dark denim jeans and a T-shirt or a blouse with a bow for dinner on the town. I like Karl Lagerfeld’s Paris line. —KP

23  Pushing Limits
When shopping for new pieces, don’t go too far out of your comfort zone. Otherwise, you might feel costumed. One smart addition for someone with conservative taste is a leather dress as it comes off as totally out of the box. The silhouette is classic, but the fabric is a surprise. It’s a hard-soft combo. With this piece, you can push the envelope slightly. —DS

24  Closet Cleanse
To change your style, clean out your closet. Create a pile for the things you haven’t worn in two or three seasons, then donate or consign and move on. It’s best to part with the trendy pieces you bought at reasonable price points. Those things have a place in everyone’s closet, but they don’t have to stay there. —DS

25  Do the Math
When customers ask me to make-over their closets, they assume they’ll need a lot of new clothing. But you only need ten to fifteen anchor items to create up to ninety looks. You just have to be open to putting pieces together in different ways. Don’t get stuck in the rut of constantly pairing the same things. —KP

26  Mix Master
I believe you should feel good every day and love what you’re wearing. If you don’t, reassess. For instance, a hot look this season is the sleeveless sheath dress paired with a long-sleeve tee, turtleneck or blouse. If it doesn’t lighten your mood, change it up with a pair of fishnets or lined stockings. —KP

27  Safe Bet
You can transform the process of getting ready in the morning by making it fast and easy to find something that looks and feels just right. A go-to outfit includes great-fitting black pants, a knit IRO jacket and Hermés
silk and cashmere scarf. —EH

28  Theory of Evolution
Rethink the anchor pieces in your wardrobe. We all need a high-quality white blouse for work or play. Don’t get another Oxford. Change it up with something like a pretty white tuxedo-style blouse. —KP

29  The Perfect Jeans
Every closet needs a pair (or more) of great-fitting skinny jeans. But are yours fitting well? You know the answer is no if there’s too much pull around the zipper. To get the right fit, check out styles by J Brand, AG and Not Your Daughter’s Jeans, which have a high waist to hide that tummy. —KP

30  Play Up Your Eyes
Glasses can be so transformative. I’ve been wearing them for years, but when I bought a new style in blue I got a ton of compliments. The proper fit is key. Your eyes should be in the middle of the lenses and the top of the frame should be at the eyebrows so that it finishes off your face. —KP

31  Back in Black
If a woman really wants to transform her style this season, she should add a pair of leather pants to her wardrobe. A girl in her thirties will wear them with a graphic T-shirt, St. Laurent denim jacket and booties, while a woman in her sixties can pair them with a Brunello Cucinelli sweater or Loro Piana jacket. —EH



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