Plane & Simple

We outline the options for traveling in true jet-set style

Palm Beach 2.0

You can put away the Lily, Palm Beach is a “new” hot spot for the hip and super-wealthy

Get Smart

Luxury destinations where guests are encouraged to explore and discover

What if…

Is travel insurance a sucker’s bet or is it money well spent?

Great Escape

The town’s new travel business delivers dream destinations

The Year of You

Whether you’re looking for a major body transformation, a little health and wellness reboot or a place to quiet your mind and focus your thoughts, we’ve got ten spas that nurture body and soul

Sri Lanka

A local’s personal report on a tropical paradise, Sri Lanka makes a great travel destination when you need an unexpected and exotic getaway.

Paradise Found

We asked five of our favorite photographers from the Westport area to share photos and tips about their most treasured destinations.

Taking Center Stage

One day, Staples High School; the next, jetting off to Dubai. Life’s a trip for Cirque du Soleil’s lead performer Tori Letzler.

Take a Hike

Got a weekend? Take some time to enjoy the beautiful nearby trails. Lace up the boots and walk to the unexpected vistas of Connecticut.

Radical Sabbatical

That’s it—I’m packing it in and traveling the world! Ever said that? Meet locals who actually left home in search of making a difference.

Connecticut Getaway

Journey to nearby Litchfield County and visit the many historic museums, antiques shops, fine restaurants and beautiful inns.

Family Adventure Trips

It’s time to get your family outside for fun. Not the kind where you lie on the beach, but the kind where you fly, dive, soar and climb.

At Home in the World

Stylish homeowners depart from the traditional New England décor to surround themselves with the beauty (and fond memories) of other cultures.

High On Cruises

Fairfielder Brian Torff may be the best jazz musician you didn’t know you knew — but check the liner notes on your favorite recordings. His name is right there with all the greats.