Prep Work

Ratatouille and Company provides women with culinary and life-changing skills

Home Plate

Private chefs on call, at home and on the road

Cake for Apes

Jane Green Puts on Her ‘Ape-ron’ to Help Save Orangutans From Extinction

Art of Food

Chef Claus Meyer is giving smørrebrød (and all Nordic cuisine) the royal treatment at Great Northern Food Hall

Scotch vs Bourbon

Spelling out the similarities and differences to understand what the buzz is all about

Roman Holiday

Cotto Wine Bar kicks off monthly wine dinners to showcase its revamped regional menu and wines from the old country

Now Serving…

Welcome to Jesup Hall, the latest restaurant from Chef/Owner Bill Taibe

Fresh Pick

Chef Mario Batali on cooking with pea greens

Unplugged & Thriving

Bloodroot, a feminist restaurant (bookshop, weaving studio and vegetarian haven), celebrates forty years

In Harvest

Why right now is the best time to cook with the humble parsnip

Second Wave

Taking over a former Mediterranean restaurant, Boca champions the coastal cuisine of France, Italy and Spain

Clean Eats

A new organic eatery helps you get back on track after the holidays

Get Real

Counting calories is so last year—time to eat real food (and drink the damn mimosa)

home Made

A taste of home with Jane Green’s new cookbook

Jacked-up ‘Shakes

Johnny Utah’s newest menu addition, Over-The-Top Milkshakes, are everything you’ve dreamed and then some

The New Classic

Thanks to a recent renovation, Arezzo Ristorante & Bar has taken traditional Tuscan-style cuisine to a whole new level


Venerable Chef Tim LaBant takes his show on the road with catering and events

Settle In

The Cottage restaurant is a coastal getaway in the heart of Westport

Healthy Growth

Berries, greens & veggies nurture The Stand to its tenth year and multiple off-shoots

Here’s the Dish

When Chef Bill Taibe handed the spatula over to Chef Brian Lewis, it was one of the mixed-emotions moments that happens when something good ends yet you anticipate something different, new and wonderful is just beginning.

Mighty Micros

Mastering the delights of tiny, leafed vegetables and other greens with Sal Gilbertie of Westport CT