Add it Up

In a year of big changes in taxes, a top goal for homeowners now should be to find the right accountant

Major Giving

Considerations when you’re ready to put your winnings to work to help others

My Business

Going solo, with a little help from your financial friends who offer small-business loans

Steady On

The secret to investment success may be even-keel emotions, especially when the market hits rough waters

Take Cover

Is that umbrella coverage really enough insurance to keep you safe for an unexpected downpour?

Golden Years

Don’t panic, it’s just retirement, and you can do it with a bit of planning

Money Matters

Financial essentials for women, before a crisis or major life change hits

Smart Money

Devising a financial strategy for 2013? These wealth managers advise smart moves now

Born to Lead

CEOs Neil & Ron DeFeo taking charge.Setting course. Saving big business.

Take Note

Not finding the perfect card didn’t stop Bonnie Marcus, of Westport. She took her fashion sense and ambition and created a line of stationery that suited her: young, hip and clever.

Woman to Watch

An interview with Breitling USA President Marie Bodman about how she skyrocketed the brand.

Secret of Their Success

Three local women decided it was time to go solo, as entrepreneurs. Through a network of support, they share their success.

The Herb Whisperer

Sal Gilbertie of Gilbertie’s Herb Gardens, believes there’s room in everyone’s life for herbs. One visit with him and you’ll be convinced.

Whose Market is It Anyway?

What’s the state of real estate? We went to the experts to find out who’s ahead these days: buyers or sellers

How are you doing… really?

Forget the crystal ball when it comes to forecasting your retirement. Investment adviser Christopher Neubert says it’s time to get real about your options.

Brothers and Sisters of Invention

We’ve all had that electric moment when we came up with a great idea. A club in Fairfield helps dreamers become modern inventors. Meet the faces behind the patent numbers.

Getting Metro-North on Track

Why are the trains so crowded? Why is finding parking at the station so bad? It’s nothing $1.3 billion couldn’t fix. So what’s the hold up?

One Hot Business

The Letarte sisters love beachwear — and so does the fashion world. This Fairfield family business is turning heads around the world.